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I haven’t been everywhere,

but it’s on my list

~ Susan Sontag

Hello, Nice to meet you, I’m Robin.

First of all, I’m not sure how you found me, but  I strongly  believe that everything happens for a reason ( you'll find below why I believe in it ). Ripples colliding to form a tidal wave of this very moment in time.

So, it doesn't matter how you landed up on my travel blog page, what matters is the reason why you are here. I believe you love travelling and / or food and that brought you to my blog. I also believe I made the cut somewhere along the way and I am grateful for your presence here.  

So, for those who don't know me, I was like this guy who's either sitting next to you inside a cubical or abusing his boss or his job or was cribbing for not following his passion.Travelling was in my gene (my father was a total hodophile) but that gene somehow got stampeded in the rat race.


One fine evening on my way to home I saw a bike rider having a lucky escape and evading death. That near death experience sticker shocked me. My entire past, present and future was standing at that moment, what if...... and end of story. All that holiday plan, retirement plan, savings, bank balance, boss, office, that most important job, everything would have been of no use. So that very day I decided that I will live my life instead of just existing. Hang on , I didn't quit my job coz that was the only way to fund all this travel extravaganza. What I did was recalibrate myself.


I started creating work life balance, avoided stuffing all those not so necessary things in my life's backpack, and started making room for what I always wanted to do. And I am still working on it.

So up there as I told you, everything has a reason, that fine evening is the reason why this blog exists and you reading it.


Now, coming to the point, the purpose of this blog is to make travel easier and affordable. As an Indian I know how hard it is to plan a local trip. Railway reservations , flight bookings , packing , itinerary , lots of things to manage and above all is finances. Through my YouTube Videos (if you want you can subscribe it by clicking on the red letters, I would insist please do) and travel blogs, I have tried to simplify all these things so that you can plan your Indian or International trip easily without spending a fortune or without throat cutting travel plans from travel agents.  


I try to encourage people like me to travel, and my mission is to make you, the reader, to jump off your cubical and hop on to the place you were dreaming about since stone age.

Whether you’re a globetrotter or you’ve never stepped out of your personal cocoon, I have something for each one of you. We all get one chance to live on this amazing planet, no matter how long that may be, wouldn’t you want to spend time discovering it? Experiencing it? Living it? and Loving it? I Do.

So, brace yourselves and begin your amazing journey with Travel With Robin. 


Lastly, a blatant request, be sure to follow my Instagram (@travel_with_robin) for updates and stories on the road! Drop me a comment on a recent post and let me know how did you find me. 🙂 .


Thanks for reading..... 



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Salaam Namaste Doston,

I always had a penchant to travel all around the world and here I am, a globetrotter who loves food and roams around the globe for the love for trying out different cuisines. I post travel and food videos from my trips coz I love to share my experiences about my journey, different places that I visit, the food that I relish.


Doston, I want you all to experience the same through my vision. I’ll always try to take you to the land of far beyond through my videos.

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