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How to answer Immigration Questions ?

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

You are here because this may be your 1st international trip and you are really worried or concerned about the question asked at immigration. So lets dig in.

So the moment you plan your 1st International trip the biggest question that comes to your mind is how to answer Immigration questions?

What will the Immigration Officer ask ?

What if the Immigration Officer rejects my Visa ?

Is english important for Immigration clearance ?

Smile at strangers and you just might change a life

Before answering your question lets know what is Immigration? Immigration is the place at an airport or country's border where government officials check the documents of people entering that country. Its the place where record of entry and exit is maintained.

Before entering in a country check what all documents are required, like valid return tickets, Visa (evisa, Visa on arrival, Sticker Visa), Hotels or accommodations bookings, Itinerary, adequate amount of money and so on. All these can be fount on a particular countries' official Immigration website. Once you have all the documents ready you are half way done. Now its time to face the Immigration Officer.

Immigration Officer may ask very basic questions and He/She will read the way you respond them. If He/She finds any anomaly in your answer it will trigger their alarm. So my tip is "Always wear a smile on your face" don't fear because you are not doing wrong, you are a tourist and by visiting a particular country you are strengthening their tourism economy. So be firm in your answers, memorise your travel dates and itinerary, keep all the documents handy and keep your passport with full safety.

Here are the basic common question asked at immigration.

  • What is your name?

  • Where are you going? or Which country are you flying to?

  • How old are you?

  • Why are you going ? What is the purpose of your visit? Is it Business or Leisure ?

  • Are you going with, Friends / Family or alone ?

  • If you are going alone then why ?

  • Are you Single or married ?

  • Who all are there in your family ?

  • Where are you from ? Or Where were you born ?

  • Tell me about your accommodation? Hotel/Hostel/Others!

  • Do you have confirmed hotel bookings?

  • Questions about your work and place of your work

  • How much money are you carrying ?

  • What will be the duration of your stay ?

  • When are you coming back? Date of Return flight?

  • Do you have relatives living outside your home country?

  • Do you have anything to declare ?

These are very basic Immigration Questions that are asked by an Immigration Officer. Always be truthful and don't be afraid. Immigration officers are there to pick the scrupulous travellers not the genuine ones. So keep a smile on your face and face the immigration questions.


Before leaving the Immigration counter check your passport for the entry or exit stamp. If the immigration officer has provided any slip or paper keep it safely. Check your belongings and documents.

Hope you found this information on how to answer immigration questions useful. For more travel tips do subscribe my YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram .

Happy Traveling....

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